Treu Bleu Media

About Treu Bleu Media®

TREU BLEU MEDIA is A MEDIA AGENCY serving businesses of all sizes for their photO AND video needs.


  Tasha Bleu is a photographer, a founder and a leader. She founded TREU BLEU MEDIA® in January 2010 and the agency's name comes from "being true" to her imagination. Tasha Bleu's digital photography style focuses on clarity, composition, and color. TREU BLEU MEDIA® offers Lifestyle Photography, Lookbook Photography, Product Photography, Social Media Photography, Streetstyle Photography and Motion Graphics Videography. Tasha Bleu is a contributor at COMPLEX, HIGH SNOBIETY, HYPEBEAST, MISSBISH, SIZE 尺码 MAGAZINE and THE HUNDREDS. Tasha Bleu's super clients are ADIDAS, BEATS BY DREKSWISS, NIKE, PUMA, REEBOK and TIMBERLAND. Tasha Bleu is currently the Head Photographer at AGENDA TRADESHOW, AGENDA FESTIVAL and COMPLEXCON.