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About Treu Bleu Media®

TREU BLEU MEDIA is A MEDIA AGENCY serving businesses of all sizes for their photO AND video needs.

Photo: Ricky Codio

Photo: Ricky Codio

  Tasha Bleu is a Commercial Photographer and an Entrepreneur. Tasha Bleu is the Founder of TREU BLEU MEDIA®.

 TREU BLEU MEDIA® offers multimedia services including: Event Photography, Lifestyle Photography, Product Photography, Press Assistance, Post Production and Video Production. Tasha Bleu is a contributor at several global media outlets including COMPLEX, HYPEBEAST and MISSBISH. Tasha Bleu's work has been featured in national publications including ELLE MAGAZINE, TEEN VOGUE and REFINERY29. Tasha Bleu has eight years of experience in event coverage. Tasha Bleu is the Official Photographer for AGENDA TRADESHOW, AGENDA FESTIVAL and COMPLEXCON.